With ‘garages’ and ‘garages’ on the market, it may not seem easy to make a decision. Tri-Steel makes your choice easy by having 2 Supa-Strong ranges at reasonable prices.


Heavy duty Galvanised C150 purlin frame

15 roof pitch
4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, wide
2.4m, 2.7, & 3.0m high
Wide 2.7m roller doors standard
Fully bolted connections
3m or 3.5m bays
3m or 3.5m wide attached awnings


7.5 or 9m wide
2.4, 2.7, 3.0, 3.3 and 3.6m high
Fully enclosed design
Fully bolted connections
Fully galvanised frame
3m or 3.5m bays
Roller doors or sliding doors to suit
10 roof pitch
Gutter and downpipes standard


Heritage 26 pitch 7m x 7m x 2.7

Heavy fabricated RHS frame
Pre-galvanised Duracal materials used in the frame construction.
4m, 6m, 7m, 7.5m 9m wide
Heights up to 4.27m
3m or 3.5m bays in Lawson
3m (W50C), 4.5m (W41), 6m (W33) bays in Mitchell
Accessories available as per Lawson or Mitchell range

Discover the extra benefits you get with your genuine Tri-Steel building!


Tri-Steel and their agents have accredited trades people who can professionally install your building from piers to the finished product. If you choose to erect the buildings yourself, all designs have been based around simplicity with the owner-builder in mind Complete erection instructions and details are included with your kit. Or if you would like to build for your house a steel fencing in Melbourne area, we would like to offer a wide range of quality services for you to choose from. Please visit the page to explore more.


Delivery over a wide area of eastern Australia is FREE of charge. Buildings are fabricated, packed, plastic wrapped in a minimum of bundles and despatched from our manufacturing facility and

delivered on our own sub-contracted vehicles to your site. Export deliveries arranged.

Other Options (150 series)

Full length end wall sheets
Gutter and downpipes standard
Simple erection
Sliding doors
Extra steep pitch for snow country and heritage areas
Similar dimensions to standard Blaxland 150 Series